War is Hell

Sunday @ 18:00


Performance of the piece of Olga Neuwirth Maudite soit la guerre – A Film War Requiem, together with Chain Ensemble.

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ul. Madalińskiego 10 / 16

Olga Neuwirth – Maudite soit la guerre – A Film War Requiem for ensemble, electronics and film projection (2014, 1st performance in Poland).

Lidia Zielińska – Nie podoba mi się to (I don’t like it) for ensemble, electronics and choir of young amateurs (2018/2019, 1st performance of ensemble version)

Both compositions on the programme complement each other in commemorating the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. The work by Lidia Zielińska includes sung and recited texts illustrating the process which leads to acts of aggression and wars – from gossip through hate speech. Olga Neuwirth, one of most outstanding composers of today, wrote her Maudite soit la guerre as music to the 1914 anti-war silent film of the same name by Alfred Machin (English title: War is Hell).