Objectophones are everyday objects, worn out or broken down, whose sound is subjected to live electronic transformations. These are e.g. dryerophone (a clothes airer), lampophone (a small desk lamp), brushophone (a chimney brush), gasheaterophone (the metal cover of a Junkers water heater), eggophone (an egg chopper), boxophone (a cardboard box), a magnetophonophone (an Unitra reel-to-reel recorder), writingmashinophone (writing machine) and hi-fi-phone (a hi-fi stack system). The choice of appropriate objects and techniques of sound production, suitable amplification by means of contact microphones, and MAX environment electronic sound transformation provide the objectophone performer with wide possibilities of expression, articulation, colour, and dynamic shaping. The musicians control both the parameters of sound transformation and the very source of sound. Unlike most instruments and controlers used in electronic music, objectophones produce sound not by manipulating faders or turning knobs, but in the process of physically playing the instrument, which is more precise, more intuitive, and also calls for specific performance skills. 

Trash Music – Poznańska Wiosna 2014
Trash Music, Audio Art 2016
Audio installation / performance #TrashMusic, 13.09.2018, Sacrum Profanum festival,
foto Michał Razmus

Read more in the book by Wojciech Błażejczyk Objectophones. The use of civilization waste in the piece Trash Music”, Chopin University Press, Warsaw 2018.

Trash Music at Warsaw Autumn Festival – Interview
Trash Music – Full piece

Interview & Objectophones improvisation in Objectophones TV program Pytanie na śniadanie